Costain-Vinci JV confirmed as winning bidder for Glasgow sewer tunnel deal


Costain-Vinci JV confirmed as winning bidder for Glasgow sewer tunnel deal

The 3.1 mile waste water tunnel will be a major part of Scottish Water’s £250m five-year programme to upgrade the waste water network in the Glasgow area. The tunnel will be the biggest storm water tunnel in Scotland and will improve the water quality, alleviate pressure on the existing network and reduce localised flooding.


The Costain-Vinci joint venture saw off competition from other bidders - including the likes of Barhale and Carillion - with a keen bid of £82m which was below initial project estimates of £100m.


Scottish Water’s Asset Management Director, Geoff Aitkenhead, said of the project: “The Shieldhall tunnel will resolve large-scale water quality problems in the River Clyde and its tributaries, provide aesthetic screening to overflows into watercourses such as tributaries of the Clyde and White Cart Water and reduce the risk of flooding.”


4.65m in diameter, the sewer will be constructed using a tunnel boring machine which will follow a route from the Queen’s Park area towards Pollok Park, running through an area of old mine workings.


Six shafts will be excavated for the tunnel at a rate of 10m per day once construction works commence. The entire scheme will involve prepatory work, mine working consolidation and utility diversion work.


Construction is expected to get underway this month and will continue for three and a half years to complete.