South Yorkshire’s tram system on track for £8.6m upgrade


South Yorkshire supertram

A £8.6 million funding package for South Yorkshire’s Supertram system has been given the green light by local leaders, to pay for urgent renewal work on the tracks and trams.

A further £4.3 million has been approved to make the case to government for significant additional investment in Supertram, as parts of the system come to the end of their working life.  


Last month South Yorkshire’s leaders voted to take Supertram back into public ownership when its current contract with Stagecoach ends in 2024.


South Yorkshire’s Mayor, Oliver Coppard, said: “Supertram is a huge asset to South Yorkshire and is critical to the work we’re doing to fix our public transport system. This money will make big improvements for passengers with brand new trams and upgraded tracks.


“Supertram is part of South Yorkshire’s heritage, and this money will help keep it on track into the future, as it becomes a publicly owned, publicly operated venture. While significant work has already taken place to replace sections of track, parts of the system are coming to the end of their working life. So, we’re also putting a case to government for the investment we need to keep the system going for future generations.


“Fixing our public transport system will not be quick, cheap or easy. But we have started the important journey that we need to take to build the system that our region deserves; one that meets the needs of our communities and delivers a faster, smarter, greener public transport network that South Yorkshire can be proud of.”

The funding forms part of a £100 million government grant to modernise the system, including track and infrastructure improvements and better facilities for passengers. Results of a 2018 consultation showed strong support from the public for a proposed investment scheme in the Supertram system.


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