New SaaS Software Solution for the Construction Sector


New SaaS Software Solution for the Construction Sector

Developed by the North East team, its ease of use and design will help companies potentially save millions of pounds by increasing productivity delivering projects on time on budget and to the highest quality.


CORE’s founder and director Paul Bass said: “The project came about from my experience as a practising quantity surveyor and discovering the same issues of inefficiencies and problems that could have been mitigated if the decision makers had access to real time data. We decided to create a platform that would be the cornerstone of information management and provide just one source of data.”


He explains: “In the construction sector, it’s well known that 90% of construction professionals say lack of coordination is the main reason projects run over budget/past deadlines. 70% of those professionals involved in one or more contracts enter into dispute, with 85% of those disputes occurring during the construction process. 


“CORE cuts through all these challenges and helps construction firms focus on delivering value in their projects to their clients.  With CORE, project managers and decision makers will have access to real time data onsite and in the boardroom, reducing the need for numerous meetings, reports, inaccurate spreadsheets, and the time spent on email.


CORE’s main features include:


  • A single platform to capture all project data
  • User friendly interface containing Activity Feed, Notifications and Actions
  • Automated dash reports and contract summary
  • Capture and track risks, Early Warnings and Changes
  • Automated registers
  • Site diary entry including resource allocation
  • Document Control and Storage
  • Baseline and Milestone tracker
  • Automated Commercial and Programme Summary
  • Applications and CVR reporting
  • Integrated chat and comments
  • Mobile / tablet friendly
  • Integrated help and more…


Paul adds: “We believe CORE has arrived at the right time to enable construction firms to fully embrace digital transformation and support their ‘pre-Covid’ activity as soon as possible.



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