Anglo Christmas Interview: Tina, Head of Water


Tina White, Head of Water Division

For Anglo’s Christmas Interview we chat with Tina White, the Head of the highly successful Anglo’s Water Division


Tell our readers a bit about your experience and how the water division was born.

I joined Anglo in 1995 from a generalist recruitment background, they gave me my first job within specialist engineering recruitment and I’m so glad they did! I set up the water division, it meant  lots of very long hours working from a zero base of clients but today its our strongest business area so that makes me very proud.


The next water sector investment period is due to start next year. How does your team support the AMP recruitment drives?

We are fortunate in that we are on most key players PSLs (preferred supplier lists) some on a sole agency basis, so we have access to most of the job market for AMP6. Being known for this in previous AMPs has led to us having a huge database of really great talent to offer to our clients and we actively network from that pool so it’s ever growing. That makes it a win- win, for candidates, clients and us.


What can you tell us about AMP6 and how involved are you in the recruitment process?

AMP6 officially starts next April in 2015 but we are experiencing a high volume of requests for personnel already. This is generally  due to  early work being released by water authorities and specifically because the ‘new’ AMP winners, i.e those who were not involved in AMP5 but now have new teams to put together to deliver AMP6, haven’t got enough existing staff able to take these roles, so we are recruiting for them. We have already placed many key people into management roles for the new work and are still both adding to this and providing team members too, from engineer to senior management level across all disciplines.


Is the water team planning to expand or change to suit the market?

We anticipate a big rise in resourcing needs next year so yes, we are definitely preparing for that! Whilst Melissa and I have always been strong partners, and despite having had others help us along the way, we remain the constant in the water division. However, we are very aware that there are only so many hours in the day and so to supplement our capability, to ensure we maintain the high standard of service our clients and candidates expect through the busier times to come, we have added Sarah to our team as a resourcer and she is doing fabulously! We are still seeking another resource/trainee consultant or an experienced recruiter so if anyone reading this thinks they have what it takes to work with a winning team please let me know!


What skills are most in demand in water? Any skill-shortages?

Chartered engineers are always highly sought after and demand outstrips supply in most disciplines! Currently the biggest shortfall is mainly in process and civil design but also in planning, strategy and related fields and just because Christmas is around the corner we see no let-up in that demand.


And finally, if the water team had a wish for Christmas, what would it be?

World peace, the extinction of cruelty to animals, lower taxes, snow on Christmas day and sunshine on Boxing Day ….oh… and to not have to come back to work until the 5th Jan (laugh)