£8bn race starts for Northumbrian Water AMP8 deal


Northumbrian Water AMP8 deal

The water company, which also operates in the south east in Suffolk and Essex, aims to reshape the way it delivers capital investment.


With a plan to spend around £8bn over a seven-year period, it has drawn up a more collaborative module of delivery that reflects long and short cycle works.


Northumbrian is joining the shift towards an embedded client collaboration model, based on an ‘enterprise’ approach involving shared a vision and values with contractors and joint incentivisation.


It also is using the procurement race to create new capacity in the water industry and support market entrants.


With this in mind a specific multi-discliplinary civil engineering lot for each of its two main territories is being included to open the door to firms with no previous water sector experience.


The two main delivery routes will see a select group of contractors working in integrated client teams delivering major design and build contracts under what will be known as Living Water Enterprise lots.


There will also be a wider selection of firms supporting the programme across lower-value projects, under a category of wider ecosystem lots.


Framework Agreement lots


Living Water Enterprise Lots


– Lot A – Infrastructure (North East) – value £2.5bn

– Lot B – Treatment (North East) – value £2bn

– Lot C – Treatment (Essex & Suffolk) – value £1bn


Wider Ecosystem Lots


– Lot A – Infrastructure Civil Engineering (North East) – £1bn

o Sub lot 1 – £0-£2.5m

o Sub lot 2 – £0-£5m

– Lot B – Treatment and Civils (North East) – £1bn

o Sub lot 1 – £0-£2.5m

o Sub lot 2 – £0-£5m

– Lot C – Treatment and Civils (Essex & Suffolk) – £360m

o Sub lot 1 – £0-£2.5m

o Sub lot 2 – £0-£5m

– Lot D – Demolition and Associated Services (North East)  – £30m

– Lot E – Demolition and Associated Services (Essex & Suffolk) – £30m

– Lot F – Multi-Disciplinary Civil Engineering – Non-Water Experience (North East) – £300m

– Lot G – Multi-Disciplinary Civil Engineering – Non-Water Experience (Essex & Suffolk) – £200m

– Lot H – Civil and Environmental Engineering (North East and Essex & Suffolk)  – £60m


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