York Potash Project


York Potash Project

The exploration programme lead by the company has shown that the area of Yorkshire has the world’s largest and highest quality of polyhalite. York Potash Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sirius Minerals plc is currently in the planning process for an innovatively designed low impact mining operation.

The project should re-install the UK at the forefront of the advanced global mining industry, boost the local economy by creating jobs, improving skills, contributing to local community projects and especially delivering around £.7 billion of capital investment into the UK as well as boosting the national economy through export of a vital commodity.

The potash mineral extracted is polyhalite, a unique source of potassium, magnesium, sulphur and calcium. Farmers use potash in the soil as a vital fertiliser replacing potassium.

In terms of transportation, plans are to bury a pipeline to transport the ore from the mine to its processing and port area at Teesside. Two 600mm lined pipelines would be buried 1.2m below the surface. Once complete the polyhalite ore will be carried as suspended particles in water. The pipeline will have the capacity to carry 20mt per year unnoticeably.

At full production the project should directly employ 1000 people. Thousands of jobs will be created indirectly in the supply and support markets. Jobs will range from skilled crafts people and technicians to scientists, engineers, business experts, IT specialists and administrators.

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