Yamal LNG project


Yamal LNG project

Since the 1990s the Yamal Peninsula has been a region of strategic interest as 11 gas fields and 15 oil, gas and condensate fields have been discovered, probably the largest gas reserves in the world. The largest gas fields, for which Gazprom owns the licenses, are Bovanenkovo, Kharasavey, Novoportovo, Kruzenshtern, Severo-Tambey, Zapadno-Tambey, Tasiy and Malygin fields.

Several companies are investing in the region to recover the large gas reserves despite the toughest working conditions (boggy land, short daylight periods during the winter season, remote area with no local workforce available)

Gazprom started in 2007 the preparatory works for the Bovanenkovo gas field, the largest gas field of the peninsula which was commissioned in October 2012. The annual production started at 8 million cubic meters (bcm) and this should increase to 75-115 bcm by 2017.

Another major project is the Yamal LNG project that includes the development of the South Tambey (Tambeyskoye) gas field, located near Sabetta in the Yamal peninsula.

Yamal LNG, a 80% subsidiary of Novatek is engaged in the engineering and design work and will then be the operator of the project. CBI Lummus carried out the FEED work completed in 2012. The company Total holds the remaining 20% interest in the project.

The project is being developed in 3 phases and is expected to be completed by 2018.

We should expect a total investment of $15Bn to $20Bn for the project.

Dates: 2012- 2018

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