The Narrow Water Bridge


The Narrow Water Bridge

For many a year the Narrow Water Bridge has been discussed without anyone finding common ground. Today authorities on both sides of the border have granted the planning permission and the European Union has pledged to give a large sum of money to fund it.

It’s a victory for the people who have supported the project as this is cross-border venture for the betterment of the people in the North and South Ireland. The bridge should bring a massive boost to the local tourism, construction and engineering industries according to Margaret Ritchie, South Down MP.

The bridge will stretch across Carlington Lough, linking Warrenpoint, County Down with Carlingford Lough, County Louth in the Republic. The bridge could cut 45 minutes off the journey to and from Warren Port from the Republic which will improve tourism and generate jobs on both sides of the border. It will be a catalyst for economic investment not only in South Down and the Cooley Peninsula but throughout the Island of Ireland.

The bridge is to be 660m long across the Newry river channel. Narrow Water Bridge will be a cable-stayed opening bridge with the main support on the Southern side and a smaller movable section to let ships through on the North side.

The UK department of Finance will contribute just under £2,700,000, the Republic of Ireland less than £800,000 and Europe a staggering £14m.

Estimated construction duration: 2 years