South East Water starts £4.3m Canterbury WTW upgrade


South East Water starts £4.3m Canterbury WTW upgrade

South East Water is about to commence work on a multi-million pound upgrade of the Kingston water treatment works, near Canterbury, to improve the quality of its water and to upgrade existing boreholes which collect ground water.


Kingston WTW currently processes 7.3 million litres of water every day. South East Water’s £4.3 million investment in the upgrade will mean the WTW will be able to treat up to 10 million litres per day, and tap water quality will be improved. The company plans to build new ultra violet disinfection and filtration plants to reduce cloudiness.


South East Water’s Delivery Manager, Joe Yip, said: “The site at Kingston currently supplies drinking water to about 48,000 residents and businesses in the Canterbury and Ashford areas.


“It takes water as little as two hours to pass through a water treatment works like Kingston, which means customers in the area are drinking water that, just a few hours before, was deep underground in an aquifer.”


The site operates 24 hours a day.


The upgrade is expected to take 12 months to complete, with work commencing on 16 May 2016.