Site works begin at Jack’s Lane Wind Farm

Site works begin at Jack’s Lane Wind Farm


Since the beginning of February, RES has been carrying out initial site works to prepare for the construction of its Jack’s Lane Wind Farm situated between North Creake, Syderstone and Stanhoe, near Fakenham in North West Norfolk.


Amongst the preparatory activities, that need to be completed before the full construction programme gets ahead, is the installation of two power performance masts to monitor and calibrate the wind speeds for the six turbines, which will be ready by the end of this year.


Other activities include routine site investigation and the limited hedge removal required for the construction of the site infrastructure.


These distinct pieces of work will result in very minor disturbance and are being performed at the most suitable time before the start of the bird-breeding season and in preparation of the full construction programme.


The construction timetable has been planned with great care, in close consultation with Norfolk County Council, highways authorities and environmental experts, to minimise any disruption to the natural environment.


In accordance with RES’ Habitat Management Plan, any hedges removed in order to access the wind farm site will be replanted along the new road alignment. Additionally, the new planting scheme will complement the existing hedgerow resource resulting in benefits for protected species including bats and birds and improved habitat connectivity within and through the site.


By the end of the construction and once in fully operational state, Jack’s Lane Wind Farm is estimate to provide a benefit package of £5,000 per MW installed to the local community. This includes a Community Benefit Fund for people to invest in local social, educational and environmental projects.


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