Plans unveiled for Anfield stadium redesign


Plans unveiled for Anfield stadium redesign


According to the current plans, worth up to £150 million, the capacity of both Main and Anfield Road Stands will be increased from 45,500 to 58,800 seats.


The first phase £100m expansion will comprise of redeveloping the Main Stand, by incorporation of additional 8,500 seats, thus increasing Anfield’s total capacity to around 54,000.


Outline proposals for the Anfield Road Stand include a further increase in its capacity by additional 4,800 seats.


To facilitate the construction of the new scheme, the neighbouring Lothair Road and half of Alroy Road will be demolished.


Public consultation and exhibitions on the proposals will start in due time, and the club is seeking public’s opinion as part of its planning application, which it expects to submit in May.


The Anfield Spatial Regeneration Framework, published in January of this year, sets out the planning framework for redevelopment and proposals for transformation of the area surrounding Liverpool FC’s stadium in north Liverpool.


The redevelopment proposals for the area include new housing, shopping facilities, office buildings, a hotel and a pedestrian-friendly avenue at Stanley Park.


The club's managing director, Ian Ayre, said: “In order to move forward with our expansion plans, we need to have certainty that we can navigate the complex planning process and secure the support of the community, local homeowners, businesses and other key stakeholders.


“This consultation exercise is an important part of this process.


“We started this journey just over 18 months ago and a lot of work has already been done, there is still an incredible amount to do, but good progress has been made so far and we are proud to be able to unveil our plans.”


Subject to the approval of the planning application, construction works on the proposed Main Stand are planned to start in early 2015 in order to be completed by the beginning of the 2016-17 season.


Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said: “The overall regeneration of Anfield will see £260m invested in the local community and will deliver hundreds of jobs – Liverpool FC’s proposals for the stadium are a key part of this.”


Photo Source: Telegraph