Plans to build a £43m factory in South Yorkshire


Plans to build a £43m factory in South Yorkshire


The development, known as Factory 2050, is the first phase of the extension plans to Sheffield Business Park.


The circular building will include a wide range of technologies, including advanced robotics, flexible automation, unmanned workspace, off-line printing in virtual environments linked to plug-and-play robotics, 3D printing from flexible automated systems, man-machine interfaces, and new programming and training tools will be combined in the circular building.


A detailed planning proposal for Factory 2050 was submitted to Sheffield City Council at the end of January and a decision on the future of the scheme is expected by April of this year.


Additionally, a comprehensive master plan for the entire 50-acre site will be submitted to the Council’s planning department in the upcoming spring.


Keith Lilley, the University’s Director of Estates and Facilities Management, said: “The deal opens the door to a fantastic opportunity which will allow us and our many partners the chance to build a hub of activity which will bring an enormous boost to the region.


“An independent survey of the economic benefits has demonstrated that, during construction, Factory 2050 will directly contribute £6.4m to the local economy and create 162 construction jobs, with a much wider indirect economic impact.”


Sheffield Business Park Managing Director, Graham Sadler, added: “The University’s commitment is fantastic news, both for the business park and the city region. A landmark development in its own right, it will also act as a catalyst for our Phase 2 extension, which will include advanced manufacturing enterprises.”


Photo: Yorkshire Post