Plans for the Anfield regeneration scheme framework


Plans for the Anfield regeneration scheme framework


Advancement has been seen on £260 million regeneration project, which includes the expansion of Liverpool football club's Anfield stadium and the building of hundreds of new homes.


Liverpool City Council is working with Your Housing Group, Liverpool Football Club and Keepmoat to deliver the new housing, shopping facilities, public space, office buildings, a hotel and a new pedestrian-friendly avenue and public square.


A formal framework for the regeneration of the Anfield area of Liverpool is considered by Liverpool FC.


The opinion of local residents and businesses will be reflected in the document, called the Anfield Spatial Regeneration Framework (SRF), before it is finalised and formally adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document by Liverpool City Council.


The draft SRF is designed to boost the economic development and employment growth in the area as well as promote personal wellbeing of its residents.


The document will be considered by Liverpool City Council’s cabinet on February 7.


Subject to approval of the draft SRF by the council, some of the planning applications could be submitted this year. It is estimated that all the proposed developments could be delivered by 2018.


Liverpool Mayor, Joe Anderson, clarified: “The publication of today’s draft SRF sends a very clear message to the people of north Liverpool: a brighter Anfield is coming.


“This is one of the most important milestones in the recent history of north Liverpool and will lead to a huge improvement in quality of life for many thousands of people.


“These plans have evolved over the last year thanks to the people of Anfield themselves. They have told us what they want – new opportunities, new homes, an improved environment – and we have listened. We now want those residents and businesses to speak to us again and let us know if they want these plans to become reality.”


Your Housing Group Chief Executive, Brian Cronin, said: “Community leaders and residents have had a major part to play in helping us to shape the proposals contained in the draft SRF and we are extremely grateful for their contribution.


“Anyone visiting Anfield in the last year can see the improvements which have already been made. Much has also been done through the delivery of new-build homes and the imaginative refurbishment of traditional terraces. We can already see the brighter Anfield which is emerging.


“But there is still a huge amount to be done to realise our vision for the area and the publication of today’s framework is a crucial step towards achieving that vision.”


Photo: Liverpool Echo