Final approval for £400m Spurs stadium plan


Final approval for £400m Spurs stadium plan

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has been given a final go-ahead for its 58,000-seat stadium.


Communities minister Eric Pickles has approved the local borough’s request for a compulsory purchase order.


The order was necessary to proceed with the final phases of the scheme, and will follow a public inquiry.


The new stadium located next to the club’s current White Hart Lane hub is part of a wider regeneration plan for the area, the £400m Northumberland Development Project.


The football club hopes to open the new stadium in 2017.


Although the details of the stadium’s construction timeline are yet to be announced, the club hopes to start the £400m tender race and recruitment of technicall staff by the end of this year.


At the beginning of this year McLaren Construction has successfully delivered phase one of the redevelopment scheme: a new 130,000 sq ft Sainsbury’s supermarket next to the proposed stadium site.


Communities secretary Eric Pickles said: “This scheme is supported by the locally determined development plan for the area and has received strong local support.


“The redevelopment proposals have had far reaching support from local MPs, the London Mayor’s champion for Tottenham and the chairman of the Independent Tottenham Taskforce.


“They all consider the project important for bringing much needed private investment into one of the most disadvantaged areas of London.”



Photo Source: Construction Enquirer