EDF Heartland Biogas

EDF Heartland Biogas

EDF Renewable Energy has closed on the Membership Interest Purchase Agreement to acquire the Heartland Biogas Project with Heartland Renewable Energy LLC.


EDF Renewable Energy has today announced that it has closed on the Membership Interest Purchase Agreement to acquire the Heartland Biogas Project with Heartland Renewable Energy LLC. No financial details have been disclosed.


Construction activities on the anaerobic digester and renewable natural gas facility has commenced and is expected to begin deliveries by the end of quarter one 2014.


The anaerobic digestion system converts organic feedstock and dairy cow manure into biogas which is then processed into pipeline quality RNG and finally supplied to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMD) through a 20-year Gas Purchase Agreement (GPA). The facility intends to produce up to 4,700 MMBtu of biogas daily making it one of the largest anaerobic digester facilities in the United States.



Ralph Daley, Vice President of Landfill Gas Holding for EDF Renewable Energy says, “This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the expansion of our renewable portfolio as EDF Renewable Energy’s first project in the anaerobic digestion segment. Our experience gained though the management and operation of the Greentree and Imperial Landfill Biogas projects, as well as the European biogas experience of our parent company, will provide the knowledge base to efficiently manage the construction and operations. We are fortunate to combine our skills with the anaerobic digestion experience of the Heartland Renewable Energy team.”

James Potter, President of AgEnergy USA, LLC and majority owner and project developer of Heartland Renewable Energy, LLC, confirmed the acquisition, "We have a great partner with EDF Renewable Energy and we look forward to a long-term relationship resulting in the successful construction, start up and operation of this exceptional project."


About EDF Renewable Energy:


EDF Renewable Energy is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity with more than 25 years of expertise in the renewables industry. Formed in 2003 through the amalgamation of SEEBord, London Energy and Sweb, EDF specialises in wind and solar photovoltaic energy with presence in other segments of the renewable energy market, including biogas, biomass, hydro and marine energy. In early 2009, EDF Energy acquired nuclear power generator, British Energy.

EDF currently generates around one fifth of the UK's electricity and employs around 20,000 people.


Sources: edf-re.com, finance.yahoo.com and bioenergy-news.com

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