Birmingham’s plans for ambitious HS2 masterplan


Birmingham’s plans for ambitious HS2 masterplan


The Curzon HS2 Masterplan is the newest amongst a number of major projects that will transform Birmingham’s city centre. The city council stated that it was by far the biggest redevelopment introduced as a result of the HS2 high-speed rail scheme.


The planned developments will pivot around the new city centre station – Birmingham Curzon – where HS2 terminates on its 49-minute journey from London.


Birmingham Curzon station, which would be the biggest building in the city upon its completion, will link phase one of HS2 from London to Birmingham and phase two to Leeds and Manchester. It will also accomodate Metro trams on a route branching off the extension currently being built through the city centre.


Construction works are expected to start on the HS2 line and stations in 2017 with full operation of passenger services in Birmingham to be running in 2026.


The regeneration would boost the city's economy by £1.3bn each year as well as create 14,000 jobs, more than 6.5 million sq ft of employment floorspace and 2,000 houses.


"We set out our vision for how Birmingham can use HS2 as a catalyst to transform a huge part of our city, bringing with it jobs and prosperity for people in the West Midlands," Birmingham City Council leader Sir Albert Bore said.


"We're not waiting around for HS2 to get built before we get started. We're announcing our plans today, and we're ready to start building as soon as the new railway gets the green light.


"Up and down the length of HS2 there is huge potential for major regeneration and development and we must press forward with this project without delay."


Lord Deighton, Commercial Secretary to the Treasury and Chair of the HS2 Growth Taskforce said: “Birmingham is going the right way about realising the benefits of HS2 by developing ambitious plans to kick-start development.”


Waheed Nazir, director for planning and regeneration at Birmingham City Council, commented: "The masterplan sets out the city council's aspirations for the new HS2 terminus station and the huge regeneration potential that surrounds it. The potential of HS2 can only be realised if we build a world-class station that seamlessly connects people to the rest of the city centre."


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