Bidding begins for £100m M25 Junction 30 scheme


Bidding begins for £100m M25 Junction 30 scheme


The M25 J30/A13 Corridor Congestion Relieving Scheme will cost a net of £150m, making it the most expensive junction upgrade project in the history of the roads programme.


Amongst the planned improvement works are the widening of the A13 between Wennington and the A126 junction, changes to the M25 junction, including additional lanes, improved signage and enhance signalling.


According to the NEC3/ ECC Works contract, the job has been specified as a design and build by Agency procurement bosses.


The junction itself is located in proximity to the Dartford Crossing, Lakeside Shopping Centre and the Port of Tilbury, as a result of which the junction suffers heavily from constant congestion.


The construction of the relief scheme, which also involves widening the A13 corridor, is scheduled to start in early 2015.


With construction work estimated between £60m and £100m, Highways Agency Bosses are looking into ways to save 20% of costs using efficient techniques on the project.


The scheme was put on hold in the 2010 spending review and re-introduced in May 2012.


Subsequently the 2012 autumn statement stated the postponement of construction works start until spring 2015.


 Photo: Highways Industry