UK businesses offered a share of new HS2 contracts


HS2 contracts

In 2021, HS2 contracts worth £2 billion were granted to the Hitachi/Alstom joint venture to manufacture the next generation of high-speed trains for Britain. The construction takes place in their factories in Derby, County Durham, and Crewe. Two years later, these train manufacturers are working with HS2 to find new suppliers who can contribute to the interior fit-out of new trains. 


HS2 has created approximately 30,000 jobs, and around 3,000 businesses and UK-based businesses have secured contracts for the project. Now, HS2 is preparing new tier-two contract opportunities for its fleet of 54 trains.  


“My advice to businesses of all sizes is to think outside of the box, as these contract opportunities aren’t limited to companies already working in the rail sector,” said Ruth Todd, HS2’s chief commercial officer. 



“If you’re supplying storage solutions for motor homes, windows for aeroplanes or internal panels for office buildings, then we want to hear from you. These contracts present a real opportunity for growth over the next five years, and we want to see more UK businesses thrive as a result of HS2’s construction,” she continued.  


HS2 has organised a ‘Meet the Contractor‘ event, which will take place in Manchester on Tuesday, 11 July. The event will offer business owners an opportunity to engage in one-on-one discussions with Hitachi/Alstom. This will allow them to explore their needs and improve their understanding of the upcoming procurement process. 


Companies specialising in exterior coatings, decals, emergency equipment, high-voltage cables, and electrical cubicles are encouraged to join the event. HS2 understand that contract specifications will vary in terms of size, value, and duration. Therefore, they are urging small businesses to take advantage of this chance to venture into a new sector and use the multi-million-pound opportunities available. 


HS2 have provided £7.9 billion to more than 2,000 businesses across twelve regions of the UK. This financial support aims to help businesses navigate economic uncertainty and maintain their operations. £3.6 billion of the contract funds has been allocated to SMEs, making up 73% of HS2’s UK-based supply chain. 


HS2’s construction has created business opportunities nationwide, with companies from every UK region securing contracts. The East of England, West Midlands, Greater London, and the South East have been particularly successful, accumulating contracts worth £1 billion each. 


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