The most in-demand tech and IT jobs of 2016


The most in-demand tech and IT jobs of 2016

If you are looking for a new job in IT and are in need of a starting point for your search, then look no further. Take a look below at our list of hot positions that are not only expected to grow in demand, but some of which didn’t exist as little as 10 years ago, or were so rare you hadn’t heard of them.

Rapid technological advancements and the advent of the Internet have led to many high-paying careers that didn’t exist when you were at school, yet are hotly in demand.


  1. Cyber Security Consultant

Both public and private sector clients are becoming increasingly aware of the threats posed by cyber attacks. They therefore pay good money to cyber security analysts and consultants to ensure their networks are secure enough to cope with potential threats, in turn creating many high-paying job opportunities in this area.


Average permanent salary: £65,000


  1. Business Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analyst salaries are increasing at the fastest rate in 2016 than the other roles listed in this article. The role essentially requires translating business requirements into technical data requirements, using business intelligence tools and analysing data to produce customer insights and opportunities.


Average permanent salary: £50,000


  1. Cloud Computing Architect

Although cloud computing has been around since the early noughties in one way or another, it didn’t really see rapid growth until 2008 onwards. Someone who works as a cloud computing architect is responsible for strategizing and implementing new ways to manage, store and control continuous access to data, often very large volumes of it i.e. within data centres. This is a highly pressurised job, but a highly important one.


Average permanent salary: £55,000


  1. Data Scientist

Data science is a way businesses and organisations analyse every process, transaction and customer, turning this information into intelligence needed to guide key business decisions, such as where to invest and when. Typically, data scientists will work to build intelligence platforms that incorporate machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Maths and advanced computer science graduates are generally favoured in this field of work as the role is very analytical and requires strong knowledge of data systems and data methodology.


Average permanent salary: £60,000


  1. Big Data Analyst

Big data analysts are tasked with sifting through large volumes of data to uncover specific information in order to give their company a competitive advantage. They work with data to compile develop custom models and algorithms to drive business solutions across many projects within a business, and to predict future data characteristics.


Average permanent salary: £70,000


  1. Network/Infrastructure Architect

The network or infrastructure architect is responsible for planning, designing, optimising and maintaining a secure and stable infrastructure for a business to ensure it meets current and future requirements. They also lead initiatives to upgrade, troubleshoot and integrate applications to support the network in accordance with specific guidelines.


Average permanent salary: £65,000


  1. Digital Strategist

A digital strategist gathers and analyses data in order to develop and drive long term strategies, tactics, campaigns and recommendations for a company’s products or services. This type of position is highly analytical and requires a strong attention to detail and advanced proficiency in maths.  


Average permanent salary: £75,000


  1. Mobile Applications Developer

With everything nowadays going mobile, the demand for app developers has never been more in demand. There are now apps for almost everything – gaming, banking, travel, shopping… the list is endless. App developers work in collaboration with app designers to code and develop the apps to ensure they work as they are supposed to and are suitable for their intended purpose.


Average permanent salary: £45,000


  1. Mobile Applications Designer

App designers are tasked with designing everything you see on an app – the graphics, the layout, and overall visuals. They will liaise with app developers to ensure the app does what they have designed it to do.


Average permanent salary: £55,000


  1. SEO Specialist

Where a website ranks in a search engine’s results pages can make or break a business. SEO specialists are dedicated to coding a website and implementing specific techniques in a way which optimises a website’s search engine rankings to ensure they’re towards the top of the results list. Companies spend a lot of money on this, so it is little wonder that the SEO geeks are so highly in demand.


Average permanent salary: £40,000