Ten highest paying I.T jobs in 2019

Ten highest paying I.T jobs in 2019

The I.T industry is arguably the most in-demand industry for technology/Engineering professionals. Once you have the right skill and certification, the I.T industry will jump at the chance to employ you and grant you a befitting role. From application developers to Data Engineers, the sector is in dire need of experts to slot into various roles. These positions also come with a nice and handsome salary package too.


Below is a list of ten of the highest paying I.T jobs in 2019 according to Robert Half 2019 Salary Guide.


10. Data Scientist

These IT professionals bring the field of mathematics closer to the field of computer science. They analyze and interpret large chunk of data in order to find ways of improving business operations, thus giving the organization an upper hand over its competitors. A data science practitioner needs to be proactive in business matters and possess good communication skill. He/she should also be equipped with the knowledge of programming languages such as Python and Java. The annual paycheck of a data scientist amounts to $121,500 on the average.


9. Wireless Network Engineers

These are IT professionals who are skilled in handling tasks relating to troubleshooting, maintenance and installation of wireless networks. Wireless network engineers are usually well versed in network technology, especially when it relates to wireless equipment and standards. Asides an analytical mind and critical thinking skill, many employers also expect candidates applying for this position to have at least a Certified Wireless Network Professional (CNWP) certification or its equivalent. Wireless Network Engineers earn a median salary of $122, 000 every year.


 8. Software Engineers

These professionals design, develop, test and maintain computer software. Software engineers usually have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields. Going by their job description, it is compulsory that software engineers have an in-depth knowledge of one or more programming languages in order to succeed. A software engineer earns a mean annual income of $124,500.


 7. Data Security Analyst

Any company that makes use of the internet for their day to day activities will need to keep their clients’ information and documentation of business proceedings safe. Data security analysts are employed to ensure that the computer and data networks cannot be breached by hackers when they are connected to the internet. Employers would usually request that candidates for this job present a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification. The average annual income for this professional is about$125, 250.


6.  Database Administrator

A database administrator oversees the database of an organization. These IT pros ensure that the database is functioning properly and updated as at when due. Part of their job description is to install new software for the database and ensure that the database is well protected from cyber-attacks. A database administrator is required to be an expert at using Structured Query Language (SQL) or other databases such as MongoDB, Oracle, Postgres and MySQL. On an annual basis, database administrators earn about $129,500 averagely.


 5.  Data Architect

A data architect is an IT professional who has garnered enough technical expertise in the area of data architecture. Data architecture encompasses models, policies and regulations that dictates the collection, arrangement, integration and deployment of data in an organization. It is necessary for data architects to have an in-depth understanding of data modelling and database design. A sum of$133,500 is usually taken home by an average earning data architect annually.


 4. Applications architect

An application architect is usually the technical lead on a team of computer programming professionals. He/she is considered an expert on the application and is well versed in the technologies involved. A professional in this job position should have good communication and teamwork skills. Annually, application architects receive an average income of $135, 750.


3.  Information systems security manager

Many companies especially large ones need the services of an information systems security manager to maintain and improve systems and network security. However, it is necessary for these professionals to keep up to date with the latest security trends and government regulations. Employers will basically require candidates for this job position to have a COMPTIA Security+ or a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.  These professionals earn a median salary of $139, 000.


2.  Mobile Applications Developer

Smart phones and tablets that run on Android OS and iOS are popular gadgets in the marketplace today. Mobile applications developers should be vast in programming language and frameworks such as Java, Flutter and React Native. It is also important they are skilled in web development. On the average, mobile applications developer rake in a sum of $143, 500as annual Income.


1.   Big Data Engineers

These professionals develop, maintain and test big data solutions that are used by employers in making informative decisions and strategic planning. Most employers will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related disciplines with a considerable level of expertise in mathematics and databases. The median annual salary of a Big Data engineer is about $155, 000.








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