Southern Water puts firms on alert for £8.4bn AMP8 race


Southern Water puts firms on alert for £8.4bn AMP8 race

The water company is bracing the market for record investment of up to £8.4bn over the 2025-2030 period.


Its current frameworks used for engineering, design and construction services have been in place for almost 10 years and expire at the end of March 2025.


It said that in procuring new frameworks, it would seek to build on positive changes made in AMP7, but also to look beyond AMP8 and take important steps to reflect supplier feedback.


The new arrangements will offer the option of running for AMP9.


The record spend is being driven by the water industry national environment programme (WINEP) and its water resources management plan (WRMP).


Firms will be appointed under two major frameworks. A collaborative framework estimated to involve a massive £7.5bn investment will be established with a small number of Strategic Delivery Partners.


These SDS partners will help deliver:


• Wastewater – Nutrients programme / Combined Sewer works / Bio Resources


• Water – Water recycling / Upgrades at 4 strategic water production sites/ Network resilience


The lotting structure for the SDP will be finalised following further market engagement.


A second major framework worth £900m will cover maintenance and management of Southern Water’s clean and wastewater networks.


This has been broken down into three basis lots:


Lot 1 Wastewater Network Services


Lot 2 Water Network Services


Lot 3 Network Leakage & Active Leakage Control


Invitation to tender for both frameworks is due to be published on 4 April.


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