Rail Passengers advised to plan their journeys for the next week


rail station

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) has said that it is working hard to ensure that the public can travel safely to pay their respects to Her Majesty the Queen during the official mourning period and particularly on the day of the funeral, but has warned that services and stations are likely to be extremely busy.  


Jason Webb, RDG customer information director, said: “Understandably, many people wish to pay their respects to Her Majesty the Queen during this period of national mourning. On the day of the funeral, Monday 19 September, people should plan carefully the timing of their journey home as trains and stations are likely to be extremely busy.” 


It will not be possible to view both the funeral in London and travel to Windsor, where Her Majesty the Queen will be laid to rest. The RDG said people should plan to view one or the other and allow plenty of time to travel to either location. 


Anytime, off peak and super off peak ticket holders will be able to get fee-free refunds on tickets which have been purchased before the announcement of Her Majesty the Queen’s death on 8 September. The up to £10 admin fee will be waived said the RDG. 


Note that the policy of third party retailers and open access operators, including Grand Central, Heathrow Express and First Hull Trains, may differ. See their websites for further information. 


Advance tickets will be refundable in line with the existing “Book with Confidence” scheme, meaning they can be changed or refunded for a voucher up to 1800 the evening before. 


This avoids passengers whose plans change or who decide not to travel because of the commemorations of the Queen’s death losing money as a result of changing their journey plans. It will also help to free up capacity on trains which we expect to be very busy during the mourning period due to large numbers wishing to travel to formal events, especially in London.


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