Plan submitted for new £190m Scottish wind farm

Plan submitted for new £190m Scottish wind farm

The Scottish government is considering newly submitted plans relating the potential development of a brand new £190 million wind farm, which would be located off the country's south-west coast.

Swedish energy giant Vattenfall has made an application to the national authority to build the facility near Patna, Carsphairn, Dalmellington and New Cumnock, and once it is operational it would provide enough energy to power in excess of 90,000 homes in the UK.

It is keen to point out that a lasting economic benefit to the UK would be made should it be given permission to complete the project.

Piers Guy, UK onshore wind development director at Vattenfall, said schemes of this nature make a huge contribution both to the environment and to the local and national economy. What's more, he outlined the potential for numerous construction and energy jobs to be created.

"At the peak of construction activity, if the proposal is approved, 79 people will be working on site. It is our intention to maximise the potential of local people working on South Kyle Wind Farm," Mr Guy stated.

Such a jobs boost could prove to be a key factor in the decision due to be made by the Scottish government, while it will also have to look at the ability of the wind farm to create such a vast amount of energy to be used throughout the UK.

The project, which is entitled South Kyle Wind Farm, would feature some 50 turbines, all of which would be used to harness energy.

Vattenfall has officially submitted its plans and the government's energy consents unit will now analyse the proposal in more depth before it decides whether to issue approval or not. If it does give the green light, onshore construction could begin as early as 2016 and power could be generated in the area by 2018.

Wind energy is one of the greenest options available to authorities around the UK when it comes to power generation.

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