Partners sought for £1Bn University project

Photo: The University of Manchester
Photo: The University of Manchester

Manchester University is inviting bids from contractors for three places on a Partnering Framework for its £1Bn campus masterplan that will create hundreds of construction jobs over an eight year development.


The University will create a shortlist of up to nine contractors before selecting three for the eight year framework agreement to start next year. Work will be in two phases, the first running from 2015 to 2018 and the second from 2018 to 2022.


Works will include demolition, design, new build, refurbishment, decoration and landscaping/external works .All projects under the Partnering Framework will be in excess of £10m, but a project could contain a number of contracts.


Phase I will consist of projects with an estimated total construction value of £360,000,000, with individual projects likely to be between £10m and £200m. Phase 2 will have an estimated total construction value of £310,000,000, with projects likely to be between £10m and £70m. Overlap between the two phases is possible and the overall masterplan is likely to approach a value of £1Bn as plans develop.


The tender invitation says: “The University believes that a collaborative, partnership approach will encourage innovation in delivery; provide a structure for sharing knowledge and lessons learnt, leading to iterative improvements; create strong relationships, leading to streamlined working methodologies and enhanced delivery; and improved performance management of suppliers.”


Some Phase 1 construction works are already under way and this phase will include a new Engineering Campus, a new centre for the School of Law, a new Manchester Business School building, a refurbishment of the University Library and a new and bigger Student’s Union building.


Phase 2 plans only exist in outline but will include a Biomedical Campus and refurbishment of buildings for several faculties. A new health centre for the university’s staff and student population will also be built.


Contractors have until 28 August to request documentation from the university’s Estates Department.

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