National Highways seeks transformation partner in £75M contract


National Highways seeks transformation partner in £75M contract

National Highways is looking for a transformation delivery partner to "provide a centralised vehicle for transformation and change" throughout the business, including delivery, asset lifecycles, sustainability, and other areas.


The contract is worth £43M for the initial term of November 2024 to October 2027, increasing to £75M if the extension to March 2030 is utilised.


According to the contract announcement, the Transformation Delivery Partnership contract would "drive forward a central approach across the entire National Highways to ensure holistic departmental transformation." In addition, the joint venture would "challenge, advise and support National Highways as it develops, implements, embeds and realises the benefits of the transformation programme, whilst leaving a sustainable legacy of change and improved capability throughout the company" .


The “key objective” of the transformation programme is to deliver “tangible improvement” in National Highways’ performance across six themes:


  1. Integrated and flexible capital delivery
  2. Supply chain aligned to new delivery model and National Highways’ ambitions
  3. Mature asset lifecycle ownership
  4. Digitally enabled organisation that delivers on business requirements and customer expectations
  5. Proactive control of National Highways’ network
  6. Environmental sustainability deeply embedded into what National Highways does


The transformation programme will be centrally led with these design principles:


  • Led by National Highways employees from across the company, with the Transformation Delivery Partnership supporting the activity
  • Overseen by one Transformation Management Office coordinating and maintaining the single source of the truth through a single way of working across all themes with a clear governance structure
  • Focussed on truly cross-cutting initiatives that impact across multiple directorates and functional areas of National Highways’ business
  • Building capabilities and ensuring change is fully embedded and sustained becoming business as usual
  • A focus on long-term transformation and measurable outcomes rather than short-term cost savings


National Highways adds that the programme is a “self-financing model, with a focus on delivering efficiency targets in both capital and operational expenditure” within the third Roads Investment Strategy period (RIS3, 2025-2030). The roads body says that the investment in the transformation programme will be recouped through efficiencies made across the five year period.


It adds: “Work under the contract will be issued as tasks with defined deliverables and performance measures. Allocation of future tasks will be predicated on continued good performance.”


Potential suppliers have until 5 February to express interest in the job. National Highways will invite five candidates to tender around 11 March.


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