Liverpool plans £1.5Bn of urban regeneration

An artist's impression of development planned in the Mount Pleasant area. Photo: Liverpool City Council
An artist's impression of development planned in the Mount Pleasant area. Photo: Liverpool City Council

Plans for regeneration schemes worth a total of £1.5Bn that will create 12,000 construction jobs have been announced by Liverpool council.


The key projects being developed for the city include the next phase in the regeneration of Kings Dock and proposals for the transformation of Lime Street and parts of the Mount Pleasant area. An Olympic standard ice rink and an extreme sports complex, restaurants and family homes are parts of the package.


Lime Street and parts of Mount Pleasant will see the delivery of a new television and music venue, a hotel, a cinema, restaurants, shops and accommodation for mature students.


Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said the schemes demonstrate that there is a vibrant, exciting future ahead for Liverpool. “Crucially though, they will bring thousands of jobs into the city which will ensure we have a sustainable future.”


In addition to work in construction this regeneration will provide 4000 permanent jobs and safeguard a further 3000.


The plans are in the initial development stages and are expected to progress into firmer plans by the end of 2014 or early 2015, when planning applications will be submitted.


Mr Anderson said: “Regenerating the city centre is vital but we are also working hard to deliver transformation across Liverpool as a whole – Greater Homer Street, Edge Lane and Anfield are all now seeing significant progress and there will be more to come in the future, with thousands of new and refurbished homes planned city wide.”


A regeneration update presented to the city’s Cabinet revealed that phase 2 of the revamp of Edge Lane Retail Park will begin in only three week’s time, while progress on Greater Homer Street to build a new district centre, Liverpool’s largest food store, new shops and new homes is on-going.

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