JV wins £17M Stockport hospital job

An artist's impression of the new block. Photo courtesy of Vinci
An artist's impression of the new block. Photo courtesy of Vinci

Vinci Construction UK and Sir Robert McAlpine have been awarded a £17M contract to design and build a new three storey multi use healthcare block at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, Cheshire.


The Integrated Health Projects joint venture will build acute medical facilities, a surgical assessment unit and two operating theatres with recovery facilities for Stockport NHS Foundation Trust. Works are expected to complete in March 2016.


The contract has been awarded under the ProCure 21+ national framework. This is a framework agreement which allows NHS clients to select a Supply Chain for a project they wish to undertake without having to go through an OJEU procurement themselves.


Stockport NHS Foundation Trust chief executive Ann Barnes said: “We are delighted with the plans for the new development which is part of our strategic regeneration for Stepping Hill Hospital, and a greatly improved environment for our patients and staff.”


Integrated Health Projects regional director John Roberts said: “This additional healthcare facility at the hospital will optimise the client’s clinical outcomes and further improve their current services.


“It is critical that the hospital redevelopment we provide will enable best practice, medical innovation, and of course, the highest standards of patient care.”

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