Construction Summit to Begin in Dublin

Construction Summit to Begin in Dublin

The National Construction Summit is due to get underway in Dublin on Tuesday, 16 June. The annual event is set to attract three thousand people and some of the biggest names in the construction industry are scheduled to be there.


This year’s event, which has sponsorship from the Lotus Investment Group, Downey, Roadstone, QMS Solutions and Construction Information Services, will be held at the RDS in Dublin, and this year’s theme has been named “Rebuilding Ireland Sustainably”.


The annual event will act to bring together people in the construction industry in Ireland and to provide the opportunity for delegates to enter into discussions and learn about the latest developments.


Moreover, it is hoped that the speakers will provide an opportunity for the audience to learn how Ireland’s construction industry can be grown sustainably in the future.


There will be delegates from across the construction industry including representatives from construction companies, government bodies, investment firms, architectural and design firms and technology businesses, as well as banks and project owners.


In addition, the conference will act to help spark debate and to highlight the areas of construction that are most in need of investment in Ireland. The summit will also help to bring   the construction industry together with investors and to identify the technologies that are most important in helping Ireland’s construction industry to move forward in the future.


There will be a number of key speakers at the conference; these will include investors in construction companies, providers of machinery and equipment, tax experts and an array of other professionals in the construction business.


The conference is open to representatives in the construction and related industries including technology businesses, architects and investment companies.

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