Britain's Major Expansion plans for more Nuclear Power Stations


Britain's Major Expansion plans for more Nuclear Power Stations

The UK Government has made exciting plans to invest and make a big push towards more Nuclear Power. The expansion plans include up to seven new Nuclear Power Stations to boost homegrown energy and put UK on the map for a leading Energy supplier and generator.


In a bid to boost the country's homegrown energy supplies and cut carbon emissions, the plan proposes a new goal for nuclear plants to deliver 25% of the UK's electricity demand by 2050.


As part of the proposition the Wylfa Site on Anglesey has been mentioned as part of getting a new nuclear plant in Wales.


Targets for offshore wind are increased too, with one firm saying that presented big opportunities for Wales.


Britain's new energy security strategy is expected to commit the government to supporting the construction of at least two new large-scale nuclear plants by 2030 in addition to small modular reactors.


The energy strategy outlines a wide-ranging plan to boost domestic energy production through a range of power sources. They include:


  • Increasing nuclear capacity from 7 gigawatts to 24GW
  • Offshore wind target raised from 40GW to 50GW (from 11GW today)
  • Solar could grow five times from 14GW to 70GW by 2035
  • An “impartial” review into whether fracking is safe
  • Up to 10GW of hydrogen power by 2030


Nuclear power forms the centrepiece of the energy strategy. Ministers expect to begin a competitive selection process as early as next year for a new round of nuclear projects, although tensions between Downing Street and the Treasury over the cost of new projects, which are expected to require government investment, have yet to be resolved.


A £120m “Future Nuclear Enabling Fund” will be launched this month in the hope of kickstarting projects, while a new body called Great British Nuclear will oversee the plans.


The government said it could approve up to eight new reactors to help reach a target of generating 24GW of the total from nuclear power plants, which typically have more than one reactor.



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