Boris Johnson green lights Greenwich cruise liner terminal


Boris Johnson green lights Greenwich cruise liner terminal

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has given the final go-ahead for Enderby Wharf, a controversial cruise liner terminal in Greenwich – the first of its kind in London, despite huge uproar from the local community due to air pollution concerns.  


Due to be fully operation in 2017, the terminal is expected to bring up to 55 cruise ships to London annually, as well as create 477 homes, shops, restaurants and a skills academy. It is expected to attract tourists from around the world, particularly from Europe and North America, with London to become the starting and finishing point for worldwide cruises.  


Edward Lister, London’s Deputy Mayor for Planning, said: “We have worked with the local authority and the developer to ensure the new terminal and surrounding infrastructure will meet the needs of thousands of tourists coming to the city each year.”  


“It will provide a major boost to tourism, benefit the local economy and further contribute to London’s status as a world leading city.”   The London Mayor’s Office engaged with Amec to carry out an independent air quality study on the impact of emissions, the findings of which indicated the terminal would create “some moderate adverse impacts on occasion.”  


The scheme is being backed by investment bank, Morgan Stanley, and housing developer Barratt who will deliver the new homes in three high-rise housing blocks.