Barhale lands £25m of Thames Water deals


Barhale lands £25m of Thames Water deals

The wins bring the total value of works Barhale has been awarded under the scheme to £24.8m.


The Victoria Station Trunk Main Replacement and the Eversholt Street Mains Replacement join the newly announced Fortis Green Trunk Main Replacement in the AMP7 upgrade initiative for London's critical water infrastructure.


Barhale will rehabilitate more than a kilometre of a 30" cast iron water main at Victoria Station, while at Eversholt Street near Euston Station, the firm will repair a 660-metre length of 16" cast iron water main using a combination of opencut and slip lining.


Shane Gorman, Barhale’s Water Director, said: “These are two of the most important rail gateways to the capital with thousands of passengers travelling through every hour.


“Also, around each site, the roads are very busy so it has been important to develop an approach that would not only protect future water supply in each area, but one which also minimises the impact to the local communities, businesses and rail and road users.


“Our engineers will use a number of launch and reception pits to slipline the existing water main. This means we will be able to avoid the large-scale disruption that can be caused by continuous trenches and deliver a faster, better result. We will also reduce environmental impact in comparison with traditional open-cut methods.


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