Anglo's Food Drive


Anglo & Food Drive

Researchers from Oxford University analysed data from 259 local authorities from 2012 to 2015 and found that cuts in benefit payments correspond with a rise in people turning to food banks for help. The researchers looked at figures from the UK's largest food bank provider the Trussell Trust, and it seems that approximately a third of people supported at the centre have had their benefits stopped. Therefore here at Anglo we decided to do our bit for the community and support frequent food bank visitors during the cold winter period.


Anglo always aims to go the extra mile for our candidates, clients and colleagues to maintain our 30 year reputation within the industry. Having spent such a significant time operating in London and out of our second office down in Surrey we naturally have a social responsibility to the community.

Between the 10th and 21st of October this year, our staff at Anglo went out and purchased non-perishable foods to donate to a local food bank. Examples of food donated were pasta, rice, canned vegetables, canned meat and fish, not to forget tea and biscuits. It really meant a lot to everyone here to contribute, as we all felt passionate about trying to prevent families, especially children from going without food during these cold seasons.


Yesterday, the HR, Finance and Marketing executives volunteered to take the food donations to Fareshare warehouse based near Rotherhithe tunnel in London. It was an anxious journey in some ways as we were wondering whether our collection would be enough and suitable for their needs.

The lady who opened the door is the one on the short Anglo Technical CSR initiative video just posted on YouTube. She explained that everyone at the centre are volunteers and work 6 days a week to keep the centre operating. They organise the foods in trays, make an inventory, classify the products and distribute them across hundreds of charitable organisations based in and around London where it is most needed.

We aim to continue to help local communities and show the world what Anglo Technical is about, a people business, not a recruitment machine.