Abdu Kauroo, Recruitment Consultant, Building Services division


Abdu Kauroo, Recruitment Consultant, Building Services division

Today we interviewed Abdu Kauroo, Recruitment Consultant, Building Services division at Anglo. He shares his thoughts on the building and construction industry and gives some useful advice to professionals who are working in this sector.


A: What is your professional background?

A: I have been in recruitment for approximately 4 years where I spent most of the time working within the engineering industry. I have successfully worked with many of the world’s largest and most well-recognised companies like Siemens, Alstom, TfL and Network Rail on many high profile engineering projects. I have now moved into the Building Services niche using my engineering knowledge to recruit candidates for their next career move. I have always been interested in science and engineering, and it is always a pleasure to see a project completed from start to finish.


A: What are your responsibilities at Anglo?

A: The majority of my positions fall within Mechanical and Electrical Design, where I can see a major demand in the UK market at the moment. Depending on the client (consultancy or contractor) it is my job to match the best candidate for each role depending on qualifications, work experience and skills set. I am always ready to provide the best advice to candidates of all levels looking to prosper. 


A: How busy is your sector?

A: Due to Brexit, and many other socio-economic issues, we have seen a shift from contract work to permanent for various reasons. However, as the UK economy gains more confidence and trade between Europe and the UK solidifies, we will see a much greater investment in the UK for both contractors and permanent staff. There has been a shortage of STEM candidates in recent times, hence no matter how bad the situation within the industry will be, there will always be a demand for highly skilled and enthusiastic engineers.


A: What advice would you give professionals who are actively looking?

A: First and foremost have a clear CV and make it stand out visually. I would advise to keep it short and highlight your key achievements such as qualifications and extra courses attended. Good candidates with relevant qualifications within Building Services are always in demand. There is no such a thing as a ‘perfect candidate’, so being flexible could work in your favour, which shows the client that you are a reliable and a valuable applicant. Finally, it is very beneficial to talk to professional recruiters, and here, at Anglo we have dedicated consultants working with sectors like Water, Wastewater and Utilities, Construction, Civil and Structural Engineering, and Government.