7 Reasons Why Recruitment Agencies are Here To Stay


7 Reasons Why Recruitment Agencies are Here To Stay

It seems that we often hear rumblings of recruitment agencies and headhunters going extinct. Many are convinced that it’s a matter of if, not when. Nothing could be further from the truth. An established recruitment agency with a strong, proven track record can strengthen your bottom line by providing a number of highly qualified candidates and putting time back in the hand of executives so they can focus on much more pressing matters.


Before you default back to advertising and interviewing for your own open hire positions, consider the following seven reasons recruitment agencies will continue to thrive and how your company stands to gain a competitive edge with the help of a specialized recruitment team.


  • Recruitment teams are specialized in the current job market, employment trends, salary comparisons, etc. The learning curve for hiring can run high, especially in the industrial sector.
  • Maintaining and in-house recruitment team can prove to be pricey both in time and finances. As an employer, much time and money goes into hiring and training each new employee and high turnover rates can cost your company over time.
  • Recruitment teams aren’t just skilled at finding the ideal candidate, they’re experts at “selling” your company, giving advice, and soothing concerns. Software can run through a massive amount of resumes easily enough, but will never be able to mimic that personal touch.
  • Your own advertising can only go so far. Recruitment agencies are afforded an extended network of highly qualified candidates, some of whom may not have been on your radar because they’re passive job seekers or perhaps not looking at all.
  • Your time is precious. Employers shouldn’t spend their time sifting through endless applications but instead entertain qualified, vetted candidates.
  • Interviewing is part science, part art. Personality plays a major role in how a potential applicant fits in with the ideals and “culture” of the company. Recruitment agencies offer expert interviewers that are able to determine things like longevity and potential job satisfaction.
  • Companies that sell a service or product go above and beyond to ensure that their brand or message makes it to their potential buyers, but what about work? Recruiters can help you determine things like work culture so you can know who you are as a company from a potential candidate’s point of view..



These are just a small sampling of the ROI companies receive when they turn to recruitment and staffing agencies over in-house recruitment teams. Even as AI continues to develop and enhance the recruitment process, there’s no reason to fear that era of the recruiting agency has run its course. Interviewing and hiring are, and quite likely always will be, deeply reliant upon the personal touch that recruiters bring to the table.