WWT Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference

Water Industry Technology Innovation

Increased regulatory pressures and customer expectations coupled with greater competition have led to an essential need for innovative solutions that keep costs low, drive efficiency, and mitigate risk at a time of uncertainty. 

Although game-changing technologies exist, a step-change in the water sector is needed to bring more of these to market. 

Building on the success of the last five years, the 6th annual WWT Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference will provide attendees with the opportunity to hear how their peers are utilising game-changing technologies such as desalination, gasification and drones, and implementing innovative business strategies, with case studies and practical examples from across the sector. It will reflect upon retail competition 6 months on, address the role of collaborative innovation, and provide attendees with the tools to facilitate innovation within their own organisations. 

Attend this CPD-certified conference to: 

  • Find out how PR19 will affect investment in innovation 
  • Assess which technology game-changers could transform your business 
  • Hear how your peers are implementing cutting-edge solutions 
  • Capitalise on the value of innovative partnerships 
  • Learn how to create a culture of innovation within your organisation 




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