World Water Day - Wastewater

Wastewater jobs poem



On World Poetry Day and a day before the World Water Day which 2017 theme is Wastewater, Anglo is combining engineering (in the water industry), work (technical recruitment) and art (poetry and design) in one place, again.  


This poem has been written by a quiet but delightful member of the water recruitment team at Anglo. 






Gurgle, bubble, swirling stink,

Rushing down the kitchen sink,

Racing through the pipes below,

Try to keep up with the flow,

Wider, deeper rushing down,

Water drops from all the town,

Rubbish removed, cleaner stream,

Sludge sinks down and left upstream,

Air pumped in, bacteria work,

Leftover waste nowhere to lurk,

Run through sand and still we go,

On to where the river flows,

Through sun and land the drops do drain,

Into the sea to begin again.


The Anglo Team.


Are you working in the water & wastewater industry?


See below our top 10 most urgent job opportunities in Wastewater and Water:


Strategic Technical Lead - Non-Infrastructure, Buckinghamshire

Permanent, £65K+ pa | 3653/1217


Quality Manager, Scotland

6 mth + contract, £40+ ph | 3653/437


Principal Wastewater Modeller, North West

Permanent, negotiable wage | 20/94


Lead Mechanical Engineer, West Midlands

Permanent, negotiable wage | 2861/28


Wastewater Network Modeller, South Wales

Permanent, £45K+ pa | 3653/1271


Senior Process Engineer, Wales

Permanent, negotiable wage | 2410/812


Senior Civil Engineer, South East

Permanent, £50K+ pa | 3653/1256


Mechanical Design Engineer, North West

Permanent, £35K-£40K pa | 7324/5


Electrical Design Engineer, Surrey

6 mth+ contract, negotiable rate | Ref: 459/379


Project Manager - Telemetry systems, London

Contract,  £45-£50ph | 3087/60



Contact us: | 0207 531 5757 or upload your CV in a click from Anglo home page.




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