Water Industry Asset Management 2018

Water Industry Asset Management 2018

Water Industry Asset Management 2018 is taking place on the 10th of May 2018 in Birmingham. 


Building on the success of the last five years, the 2018 WWT Water Industry Asset Management Conference will again address ways of driving further efficiency and resilience in the sector, while maintaining and delivering the water industry’s physical and non-physical assets.



The event will host an exciting range of different features, including:

  • Investment priorities: Ensuring value for money for customers
  • Delivering an AMP strategy for PR19 and the future
  • Asset management: more than just managing assets?
  • Case Study: our AMP7 supply chain engagement strategy etc.




Andy ClarkHead of procurement & contract management - Yorkshire Water

David SmithAsset management director - Bristol Water

John Bentley, Head of strategic investment - Severn Trent Water

John Gilbert, Head of energy & carbon - Thames Water 



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