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The WWT Wastewater 2017 Conference & Exhibition will take place at the National Conference Centre, in the Imperial & Trafalgar Suites, Birmingham, on 31st January 2017.


Keep up-to-date with the latest innovations that have modelled the waste water industry over the past few years. Renowned leaders will give talks and share insights on most of the areas of interest related to the wastewater industry, including:


• Wastewater services, networks and treatment works
• Operations / integrated planning
• Sewerage / sewer / drainage strategy
Asset management, strategy, planning and maintenance
• Engineering / process engineering
• Sustainability and climate change
• Totex / totex planning
• Unflushables / FOG
• Water recycling
• Water reuse
• Engineering / process engineering
• Sludge
• Energy and renewables


Two distinct waste water conferences will make this event one of the largest wastewater events which will also run alongside a shared innovation zone. It will showcase the most successful waste water projects that have aided to overcome major wastewater challenges. This is the only event where all water and sewerage companies (WASCs) involved in AMP6 will be represented.


These simultaneous events will provide in-depth understanding in most of the industries related to waste water.


Wastewater Infrastructure & Networks Conference:


The successful five-year-old event brings together wastewater, network and asset management leaders to discuss innovative ways to protect wastewater assets and enhance resilience, build customer confidence and collaboratively drive totex solutions ahead of PR19 and the introduction of retail competition.


The program of this conference will aim to:

-          prepare businesses for AMP7 and long-term investment priorities

-          improve collaboration with customers, retailers and manufacturers to reduce fats, oils, and grease (FOG)

-          build resilience to flooding and optimise existing assets

-          apply lessons from EU’s largest privately-funded infrastructure projects


Expert speakers include:


-          David Black, Senior director, Water 2020, Ofwat

-          Steve Wilson, Director of wastewater services, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water 

-          Nevil Muncaster, Director of asset management, Yorkshire Water 

-          Jo Harrison, Director of asset management, United Utilities 

-          Sarah Mukherjee, Director of environment, Water UK 

-          Mark Worsfold, Director of asset management, South West Water 


Wastewater Treatment Conference:


Now in its 2nd year, this conference brings together most wastewater treatment leaders who will be exploring the most cost-effective treatment processes that have been implemented to this day in the wastewater industry. There will be a focus on innovations allowing the removal of pollutants and the recovery of vital substances whilst protecting the natural environment and keeping energy costs low.


The program of this conference will aim to:


-          align investment decisions with water 2020 and the competitive landscape

-          implement innovative strategies to drive efficiencies in treatment works

-          reduce damage, inefficiency and cost in pollutant removal

-          extract more commercial value from sludge


Expert speakers include:


-          Lawrence Gosden, Managing director – wastewater services, Thames Water   

-          Kate Zabatis, Head of environment policy and regulation, United Utilities

-          Paul Hickey, Deputy director – water quality, Environment Agency

-          Peter Vale, Technical lead - innovation, Severn Trent Water

-          Anne-Marie McDonald, Optimisation manager, Southern Water

-          Luke de Vial, Head of water resources Wessex Water


Prices (VAT included):


-          For Utilities, Public Sector, Non-Profit, Academic organisations:

£450 before 28th October, £498 before 16th December, £546 thereafter.


-          For Contractors, Solution Providers, Consultants:

£570 before 28th October, £618 before 16th December, £666 thereafter.


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