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  • Remote working
  • £595+ per day
  • Contract , 6 months
  • Full time

Our Government client is currently recruiting for Delivery Manager on a 6 month remote contract paying £595 P/D inside IR35.

Role: Delivery Manager

Contract Length: 6 months

Location: WFH

IR35: inside

Pay Rate to Candidate: £595pd

Knowledge Essential:

Practitioner level knowledge of:

• Agile practices, tools, techniques and culture - specifically Scrum and Kanban practices

• Delivery metric tracking and effective methods to prioritise and forecast delivery

• Task management, workflow or collaboration tools. e.g. Trello, Jira, Confluence, Slack and Miro

• Product prioritisation, delivery planning and facilitation techniques

Working level knowledge of:

• User-centred design and development and iterative agile software development techniques related to the full product lifecycle

• Coaching methods to build and sustain high performing teams

• GDS service standards, technology code of practice and government service manual

• Effective risk and issues management

Excellent appreciation of the value and need to follow accessibility standards.

Knowledge Desirable

• Working level knowledge of scaling agile teams effectively

• Working level understanding of security, privacy and common standards (e.g. APIs, design components, clinical safety)

• Working within large scale data projects and programmes

• Knowledge of Health and Social Care and the NHS

Skills and Experience Essential

Agile and Lean practices

• Applying effective agile principles (from the agile manifesto) into practice to successfully manage the delivery of (often multiple) digital features or a product or service by a multi-disciplinary user-centred development team

• Using clear, open and transparent frameworks with a delivery team (such as Kanban, Lean, Scrum, Scrumban, Feature-driven development or Spotify agile) and blending them depending on the context.

• Experience of using agile tools intelligently for task management, collaboration and reporting.

• Comparing frameworks, including innovative methods (those not previously used in practice), to identify the best methods for delivery. Skilled in recognising when approaches are not successful and encourages a mindset of experimentation within the delivery team.

• Measuring, evaluating, managing and visualizing outcomes in being agile by measuring individual behaviours, team behaviours, engagement and business value outcomes within a delivery team using techniques such as Niko-Niko calendars, team health surveys, dojo activities and sprint reviews/demos.

• Facilitating visualisation exercises for a delivery team (such as cause-effect diagrams, brainstorms, metaphorical retrospectives)

• Facilitating collaborative workshops and delivering presentations (e.g. show and tells) to groups, often communicating and eliciting complex information.

• Making visible the work of the team by working in the open (such as having physical Kanban boards; publishing roadmaps, milestones, delivery progress, burndown data, key ceremonies and actively blogging or sharing achievements)

• Coaching techniques to influence and persuade others to take a specific course of action to keep activities on track

Team Dynamics and Collaboration

• The phases of group development and related activities (forming, storming, norming, performing)

• Resetting and pivoting team activities based on changes that impact group development

• Research, design and development practices (such as pairing, rapid prototyping, research techniques, code reviews, task branching, continuous integration and regular release cadences).

• Using continuous mentoring approaches and experience of enabling a team to share skill sets.

• Planning and facilitating collaboration workshops (such as retrospectives, team building activities, design sprints, lean coffees)

• Providing and facilitating feedback to individuals and teams retrospectives, 360 team evaluations, health checks, team awards)

• Servant leadership to gain and maintain trust, confidence, commitment and collaboration of team members

• Recognising and facilitating the best team make-up required depending on the context and situation

• Supporting and mentoring other Delivery Managers and regularly contributing and sharing best practice across communities of practice.


• Using data to forecast and inform planning activity (such as use of burndown data, cycle time, cumulative flow, velocity, card counts, resolution rates, planned absence)

• Scheduling and sequencing activity to optimise flow and critical paths to delivery, setting appropriate milestones and review points (use of techniques such as timeboxes, WIP limits)

• Scheduling and facilitating agile techniques for short- and long-term planning (such as planning poker for sprint planning or T-shirt sizing for roadmap planning)

• Working level experience of:

• Providing delivery confidence (by using data such as delivery cadence, RAID assessments, burndown data)

• Prioritising the most important or highest value tasks using driven development techniques (such as hypothesis-driven development, test-driven development, rapid prototype design and testing)

• Identifying key stakeholders and analysis of their interests, requirements, levels of influence and impact.

Maintaining delivery momentum and making the process work

• Managing cadence and tempo.

• Experience in facilitating delivery flow through the team.

• Actively tracking, managing, removing, minimising or escalating risks, issues and dependencies and understand how they impact the work of the team.

• Working level experience of:

• Helping guide teams through the implementation of a new process.

• Managing approvals and technical release processes.

• Identifying and challenging processes of increasing complexity and those processes that are unnecessarily complicated. Experience of adding value and coaching related or dependant teams to inspect and adapt.

• Expert level experience of supporting and providing guidance on administration processes and policies (such as travel, external room booking, expenses, annual leave)

Communication skills

• Translating and accurately communicating to technical and non-technical stakeholders in a variety of formats

• Managing a broad range of diverse stakeholders, being flexible, understanding their needs, managing expectations and building consensus.

• Facilitating difficult discussions within a user-centred multidisciplinary team or with diverse stakeholders.

• Advocating for the team and building key networks and relationships.

• Monitoring and reporting delivery progress in a variety of ways (such as highlight reports and extended show & tells)

• Skilled and experienced in proactive and reactive communication

Lifecycle perspective

• Planning and transitioning between stages of a product life cycle (discovery, alpha, beta, live, decommission)

• Scheduling and managing the onboarding and offboarding of relevant people through the product lifecycle.

• Managing delivery of products and services at different phases.

Medical device information systems MDIS – surgical devices and implants

Questionnaire research and data related to this workstream. Build questionnaire – how is this conducted. Running workshops, scoping project from scratch

Stakeholder engagement

Agile background – Kanban etc lean scrum etc

People person

Complex project

Fast paced delivery

2 BAs reporting into them

Work well under pressure

  • Quote ref: 990045/38593

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