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  • UK, South West, Wiltshire, Salisbury
  • £535+ per day
  • Contract , 2 years
  • Full time

The Dstl Cyber Systems Programme is looking to develop skills, experience and understanding of non-IP or RF data communication protocols and systems such that it can enable development of robust methods to detect anomalous or malicious traffic beyond the scope of the traditional enterprise network.

To support this aim we require a motivated and driven individual to provide expertise and advice in the fundamentals of Data science to help enable the development of a sufficiently skilled work force


Minimum Requirement:


• Experience in training or mentoring staff in the principles of data science

• Knowledge or Experience of coding in (one or more): Python, C, Matlab, IDL

• Knowledge and experience of applying analytical and scientific process to data problems

• Knowledge of network architecture fundamentals (OSI layers, knowledge of routers & switches, network structures (linear/ring), IP versions (IP4, IP6), domain name system services).

• Experience/Knowledge of network software protocols (TCP/UDP ports, packet structures)

• Experience with building cloud/virtual computing platforms (OpenStack)

Desirable skills:

• Experience in analysing cyber data formats with different detail levels (full packet capture, Netflow)

• Experience of applying and using data from network security monitoring tools (Wireshark, Bro/Zeek, Snort)

• Experience/knowledge of malicious host/network techniques and Techniques, Tools and Procedures to undertake malicious activity

• Experience/knowledge of defensive host/network techniques and Techniques, Tools and Procedures to apply defensive activity

• Experience of Military communication systems RF communications

• Data science of RF data for anomaly detection

• Visualisation of data, development of analytics, packaging and deploying software

• Experience in host log systems on Windows and Linux (Sysmon, logcheck, and central log collection)

• Experience in network sensor placement

• Experience with host/network intrusion detection systems (Snort, OSSEC)

  • Quote ref: 990036/21193

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