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Around the globe, environmental company Veolia helps cities and industries to manage, optimize and make the most of their resources. Veolia provides an array of solutions related to water, energy and materials – with a focus on waste recovery. Veolia's 163,000 employees contribute directly to the sustainability performance of customers in the public and private sectors, allowing them to pursue development while protecting the environment. Veolia designs and delivers services that are vital to human development and sustainable performance through three complementary business activities: water management, waste management and energy services. Water Management: The Veolia company makes water fit for drinking, gets it to where it is needed, collects it once used, treats it then recycles it for household and business use. From pilot initiatives to operations on an industrial scale, Veolia treats wastewater to make it suitable for consumption and reclaims it for use in areas such as power generation and fertilizer production. In addition to its comprehensive management of the different stages of the water cycle for household use and industrial processes, Veolia continues to innovate and raise awareness to reduce waste and produce viable, alternative resources on a broad scale. Energy Services Veolia promotes more efficient consumption and turns waste into a resource through the use of biomass through multiple waste-to-energy activities. Veolia continuously searches for improved environmental and economic performance, working alongside stakeholders to devise new industrial processes using new, greener, more sustainable energy sources. Veolia is involved in developing complex services to cities through measures such as combined management of water, energy and waste services. Waste Management Veolia collects, sorts, treats and recycles millions of tons of municipal and industrial waste every year. An increasing amount of this waste is looped back into new consumption and production cycles. In addition to its wide-ranging waste management services, Veolia continues to develop biomass production, using organic waste as an energy resource for industrial production processes and municipal services. Veolia has acquired unparalleled expertise in preventing and treating complex sources of pollution in areas such as soil remediation and decommissioning solutions for end-of-life industrial infrastructure and facilities. The UK leader in environmental solutions, Veolia provides a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services designed to build the circular economy and preserve scarce raw materials. They help improve access to water They work daily to develop new ways of helping the world’s population face water shortage. They turn waste into materials. They use waste to produce new natural resources and contribute to a circular economy. They implement solutions for more efficient water and energy use. Veolia UK delivers a range of services: Energy Solutions: from industrial manufacturing to hospitals, educational facilities to district heating networks, Veolia energy expertise enables companies to focus on their core business while helping them attain their energy performance and environmental targets. Veolia dedicated Combined Heat and Power (CHP) division offers customers the comfort of full turnkey solutions from the design and installation of optimum energy systems through to the outsourced maintenance and operation of those systems over the long-term. Hazardous Waste Services: Veolia specialist service delivers comprehensive and reliable hazardous waste collection, advanced treatment recycling and recovery technologies along with site registration. Industrial Services: calling upon years of experience and expertise, the team provides specialist, cost effective and creative cleaning, recycling and waste management services. Recycling and Waste Services: the recycling and waste management services are efficient, cost effective and backed by years of technical and environmental experience. Veolia Water Services can be split into 4 categories: Commercial Services: operation and maintenance of private water and wastewater facilities Municipal Services: providing operation and maintenance services for water and wastewater companies and local authorities Technologies: offering specialist skills in water and wastewater efficiency as well as an unequalled range of patented, technological products Organics Recycling: providing recycling solutions for organic waste streams The Thames Valley: It is a common misconception that water stress only affects the planet's drier regions. It also affects areas of Western Europe, for instance, despite their temperate climate. One example is the Thames Valley, which cradles the UK capital. The combination of limited water resources and high demand is a major challenge for London's water supply. Its water pipes date back to Victorian times and are sorely in need of repair to continue supplying the city's nine million people with water on a daily basis. Thames Valley project is the largest capex management contract in Europe's water sector. An average of 2.6 billion litters of drinking water supplied every day. 100 water treatment facilities and 30 raw water reservoirs. Anglo Technical Recruitment and Veolia: Anglo water & utilities recruitment team has long been recruiting on behalf of Veolia UK. We have supplied staff to fill permanent and contract jobs in water & wastewater, renewable energy (waste-to-energy) and waste management for over 10 years and have recently renewed our PSL agreement with their Master Vendor Service provider Comensura.
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