RA International FZCO


Built Environment, Civil & Structural, Water, Building & Construction


Dubai, UAE


RA International is a construction, logistics, camp services and maintenance provider who understands the strategic challenges of efficiently operating in challenging and remote locations such as Somalia. Our management team has over 40 years experience providing integrated solutions and delivering comprehensive projects in post conflict zones and developing countries worldwide. Headquartered in Dubai, we began serving clients in Afghanistan in 2002 and in the years since we have grown into a large multifaceted firm, employing over 1,000 staff from over 27 different nations. Today we manage projects in such locations as South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Chad, Uganda and Somalia. With the ability to operate in three languages, including French and Arabic, we are involved in some of the most complex and innovative projects around the globe. Our portfolio of clients includes Governments, NATO, United Nations agencies and peacekeeping operations, non-governmental organizations and large multinational companies. Our experience working in extremely diverse environments has given us the expertise needed to execute to the highest calibre. No geography is too challenging. Even in the world’s most isolated areas and heaviest conflict zones, we stand by our promise to “Deliver…Regardless”. We have a selections of urgent jobs abroad, especially Africa jobs. The Africa jobs for expats that are available currently are on a rotation basis and tax free.
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