Solar, Wind, Renewable Energy


Shirley, USA


juwi is one of the world’s leading enterprises in the renewable energy sector. Since 1996 juwi has been designing, building, financing and operating plants that harness renewable energy. The CEOs and founders Matthias Willenbacher and Fred Jung transformed the company from a two-person operation into a worldwide active group with more than 1,750 employees and an annual revenue of approximately USD 1 billion. juwi has built more than 1,500 PV systems worldwide with an overall capacity of more than 1,280 MW. The company also plays a leading role in the global wind power market - to date, juwi has installed more than 660 wind turbines producing a total output of approximately 1,280 megawatts (MW Since entering the UK market in November 2010, juwi has been developing free-fields and roof-top solar (PV) installations in the UK. With 21 employees, currently working for juwi Renewable Energies Ltd, juwi has all the energy it takes to grow and expand further within the UK market.
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