Geolog International B.V


Oil & Gas


Amsterdam, Netherlands


GEOLOG SpA was founded in Italy in 1982 to provide mud logging services to AGIP on geothermal, oil and gas wells. From its early years, GEOLOG´s strong technological and R&D culture led to the development of a number of innovative solutions and highly technological patents in the mud logging arena. GEOLOG International B.V. ("GEOLOG") is an oilfield services company operating at the forefront of technology in the field of surface logging. GEOLOG’s mud logging services are centered on the optimization of the overall drilling times and costs of each well and the acquisition of quality data to improve formation evaluation. GEOLOG services national and international oil companies, both onshore and offshore across more than 35 countries. GEOLOG has grown significantly since being founded in 1982 and we currently have more employees than ever before: over 1,200 people work for GEOLOG across 35 countries, 95% of which are university graduated. Even if the scope of our work is geology oriented; we do not just employ geologists, but also recruit engineers in fields such as Electronics, Mechanics and IT.
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