Carbon Architecture


Energy, Water & Utilities, Manufacturing


Twickenham, London, UK


Carbon Architecture is a young company specialising in energy, water and product waste efficiency solutions for industry. Started in 2010 we are forecast to grow rapidly over the next 5 years. We work with clients to reduce their product wastage, energy and water usage and costs through improved knowledge, considered thinking, and the application of new and proven technologies. We are straight forward, honest and solutions focused. Our vision is to help clients manage and minimise the increasing burden of waste and utility costs and legislative compliance. We have an established and growing client base including many well-known manufacturers predominantly within the brewing, dairy and wider FMCG sector. Our core offering includes the following products and services for the brewing, dairy and wider FMCG sector: • Factory supply chain waste minimisation – the bottom line cost of product losses is frequently a large proportion of overall manufacturing budgets and the subsequent potential cost savings can be too. We have a tried and tested service targeting the minimisation of these. • Industry Metrics (Inmetriks) – An online industry survey / index which we currently run for the UK Brewing industry to assess energy saving technology maturity and opportunity across different sites and the sector. • Energy and water minimisation – We have a complete offering of services, technology and supporting monitoring and reporting software.
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