We're AUG Approved!

We, at Anglo Technical Recruitment, are proud to announce that we have been awarded an Arbeitnehmerueberlassung (AUG) license that allows organizations to transfer employees to work temporarily in Germany. Labour leasing is monitored by the AUG, the Employment Transfer Act, which oversees all appropriate transfer and "leasing" employees to the German government.

Germany has the highest economy in Europe and is one of the largest markets in Europe for fixed-term contracts in the UK. It is also the third largest exporter in the world and has a flourishing manufacturing industry. AUG outlines that any native entity wishing to lease third party employees must obtain said AUG license. These laws protect not only the native entity but the third party, tem-porary workers as well. Few UK agencies are approved for the highly sought after AUG license. Obtaining an AUG license requires an exemplary record, relentless dedication to quality, and extensive documentation proving such.

We are now able to lease engineers to German clients. This is an important step in the growth of Anglo. With this shift we are able to provide a payroll model for our contracted engineers working in Germany. It is also further proof of our outstanding track record and commitment to integrity and expansion. We're so excited join the bourgeoning workforce of Germany with our new AUG license.

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